Our Next Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello friends, We are gearing up for the crowdfunding campaign for Apocalypse Keys by Rae Nedjadi and wanted to take a brief moment to share the thinking behind our decision to launch it on Kickstarter. First, we want to be clear about our company values:  We at Evil Hat believe cryptocurrencies and NFTs are too […]

Three Tricks for Setting

I did not expect to get to Dreamation this year, but My wonderful wife surprised me with a window of time that allowed me to day-trip up for the last day of the convention. Didn’t play anything, and didn’t get to see everyone, but still very much enjoyed myself. Part of my fun was sitting […]

The Core of Fate Core

I’ve seen folks describe Fate in a variety of ways. Collect them all together and it becomes a big jumble of paradoxes. It’s rules light and it’s heavy, etc. And it’s true, we’ve certainly “overwritten” our Fate 3 based games out of a great love for explanation, examples, guidance, and advice. But at the end […]

The City Challenge

judd_sonofbert put forward a really fascinating challenge to try to capture the feel he enjoys about China Mieville’s New Crobuzon (The city from Perdido Street Station and other books) using D&D and it’s magnificent weirdness as a starting point. The rules, such as they are, can be found here, but in short, they call for […]