Retailer & Distribution Info

Everything retailers and distributors need to know about Evil Hat products

If there’s something you do need that’s not here, please let us know. Retail and games distribution is an important part of how we do business and we’ve made deliberate choices to ensure that we’re as good a partner to you as you are to us.

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Who Distributes Evil Hat’s Products?

Simply search for product codes beginning with “EHP” in these distributors’ online ordering systems (where available) to get started.

Interested in distributing Evil Hat’s games and books?

Reach out to us at to let us know. Make sure to mention:

  • Company name
  • Company website
  • Whether you’re a retailer or a distributor


Can Evil Hat Sell Direct to Retail Stores?

We can! If our distributor partners don’t work for you, please feel free to drop us a line at and ask about our terms for retail stores.

Can I Get Evil Hat’s Product List?

We maintain a public spreadsheet of all our current products on Google Drive. Just follow this link to get all the info!

You can download a copy for yourself by choosing File -> Download as… on the webpage at that link.

If something appears to be missing from the list, please contact us at and let us know!

Can I Get Evil Hat’s Sell Sheets?

You can find all our sell sheets on Dropbox. Check it out to get all the latest!

If a sell sheet appears to be missing, let us know at and we’ll get one there for you ASAP.

What is Evil Hat’s Returns Policy?

While we consider all sales to be final, we are absolutely committed to making sure that you get high quality, whole, undamaged products.

If you encounter defects or shipping damage when we send you our games or books, let us know at and we’ll do our best to make it right.

What Is Evil Hat Working On?

Yes! We’re big fans of transparency and that extends to giving the public a look at the projects we currently have underway and in development.

Check our Project Status Page for the details on what you can expect in future months!

Does Evil Hat Have a Mailing List?

We do! Go to this link to fill out the sign-up form for our retailer-focused email list.

We also have a general customer mailing list that’s worth signing up for even as a retail store, so you can hear when we tell the world about our new releases, announcements, and more. Sign up for The Word from the Hat here!

Help Me Make Sense of Fate?

No problem! We have a handy guide available on the various versions of the Fate system.

What Does Evil Hat Do to Support Retail?

We Make Sure That What We Offer, You Can Offer

We have a firm commitment to support our friends in brick and mortar retail stores.  We’re interested in being in cooperation with you—not in competition with you.  That’s why we’ve launched our pro-retail PDF Guarantee program. If a customer buys one of our products from your store, we will thank them with a free PDF of that product at no additional cost, so long as our online Print+PDF bundle of that product doesn’t charge more for the PDF portion.  That way we’re not tempting customers away from you with product offers you can’t match.

We’ve been doing this for a number of years, and it’s a real hit! Turns out fans of ours appreciate not having to make a choice between being our customer and being yours. The idea’s been so popular with other publishers that we helped found Bits & Mortar, a program for making it easier than ever for retailers to provide zero-cost PDFs to their customers when customers buy a matching physical book in-store. If you haven’t joined Bits & Mortar yet, we heartily encourage you to do so.

We’ve extended this idea when we have products in preorder as well, working with retail stores to provide an “instant content preorder“—the customer preorders the game through your store, and we give you the PDF to burn to CD and hand to them right then and there. Your customer walks out with instant access to the unreleased game, and you walk away with a confirmed sale.

Similarly, our Kickstarter campaigns always have a retailer tier for those stores that can spare the cash—and we authorize you as a retailer to provide any digital extras & bennies from the campaign to anyone who preorders what we’re Kickstarting from you rather than backing the project.