Project Status

Updated information on all of our products in production. Last updated 8/10/2022.

Apocalypse Keys

by Rae Nedjadi


Final draft complete. Layout complete. Cover art and iconic art complete. Index complete. Proofreading complete. Art order complete. Art development through September 2022. Crowdfunding starting September 13. Head over here to follow the campaign! More details on Apocalypse Keys here.

AGON: Realms of Khaos

by John Harper


In Development now. Internal playtesting through September 2022. More information available here.

Fate of Cthulhu stretch goal timelines

by Ash Cheshire, James Mendez Hodes, Alastor Guzman, Kira Magrann, Lara Turner, Ash McAllan, and John Rogers

Art Development, Complete

Girl by Moonlight

by Andrew Gillis


Final draft complete. Playtesting complete. Revisions complete. Layout complete. Indexing complete. Proofreading complete. Art order through August 2022. More information here.

Project: Perseus

by Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little with contributions from Banana Chan, Fábio Silva, Rae Nedjadi, Pam Punzalan, Michel Fischsman, Andres Aguilar, Sungil Kim, Ricard Ibáñez, Hakan Seyalioglu, Nima Dabirian, Jana Ruth


Playtesting complete. Contributing author contributions complete. Revisions through August 2022. More here.

Blades in the Dark: Dagger Isles Supplement

Pam Punzalan, with contributions from Aaron Lim, Brenden Gibbons, Shao Han Tan, Joaquin Saavedra, Sinta Posadas, John Erwin, and Malika Lim Eubank. System development by Nychelle Schneider and creative direction from John Harper.


Initial draft development through August 2022. Internal playtesting complete. More information here.

Codex of Worlds

by Michael Sands, Marek Golonka


Open the Codex of Worlds. Get ready for new monsters, and new realms! Writing complete. Cultural consultation complete. Second editing pass complete. Editing complete. Art requests complete. Markup through August 2022.

More info here.

Blades in the Dark Decks

by Andrew Shields


Design complete. Editing complete. Markup complete. Layout through August 2022. More on the Blades in the Dark decks here.

Roll20 Development


  • Scum and Villainy core book + compendium: Available Now!
  • Band of Blades core book + compendium: Available Now!
  • Monster of the Week: core book + compendium: Available Now!
  • Tome of Mysteries: supplement book + compendium: Available Now!
  • Improv for Gamers Second Edition book + compendium: Available Now!
  • Apocalypse Keys character sheet and demo module in development through August 2022.
  • Atomic Robo compendium in development through August 2022.
  • Tachyon Squadron compendium in development through September 2022.

Improv for Gamers, Second Edition

Written by Karen Twelves with contributions from Alex Dodge, Aser Tolentino, Ash Cheshire, Brandon Wentz, Erica Riddick, Hakan Seyalioglu, James Mendez Hodes, James Oh, Jason Morningstar, Jay Brown, Jay Treat, Krin Irvine, Liisa Lee, Lizzie Stark, Marcus Sams, Mary C. Parker, Meg Baker, Megan Tolentino, and Senda Linaugh.


Pre-Order open now! Final art complete. PDF and other digital rewards send to backers. Roll20 module in development complete. Printing underway through September 2022.

Fate of Umdaar: Planet of Swords, Super-Science, and Sorcery

by Dave Joria with contributions from Pam Punzalan, Misha Bushyager, Mahar Mangahas, Helena Real, Soup, and Lara Turner.


Playtest feedback review through August 2022. Find out more about Fate of Umdaar here!


by Takuma Okada


In development now!