Shipping & Returns

Free Shipping on Orders Over $99

We are pleased to announce that any orders totaling $99 or more get free shipping in the United States!


Due to the sharply rising costs of international shipping, and the many complications that come with customs, importation taxes, lost packages, and more, we have had to discontinue shipping internationally.

There are a number of factors going into this, including the regular incidence of shipping costs that are equal to or greater than the cost of the goods themselves, the high cost of replacing damaged or lost orders, the unpredictable and high additional customs and importation costs for customers levied beyond the shipping charges themselves, and more.

It’s simply not possible for us to provide a good end-to-end customer service experience for our international customers, so we are instead shifting our focus to making sure we support the systems that make our games and products available in-country as well possibly can. It’s always been true that you’re better off ordering from a store in your own country than from us; now, that’s exactly what you’ll need to do, full stop.

If there are items that aren’t available in distribution (and thus through them) there are various shipping consolidation services that can be found on Google which will give you a USA-based address to ship packages to which can then be forwarded to your location.

Domestic Shipping

Our shipping warehouse is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We ship using UPS or US Postal Mail whenever possible for the domestic US packages. It can take up to three business days for a shipment to be picked up and sent, depending on the order volume our shipper is dealing with at the time.


All sales are final, so we can’t take returns. (Our apologies for that, but as a small publishing company, returns can kill us dead.)

That said, if we’ve sent you something and it shows up damaged, we absolutely want to fix that for you. Contact us with some digital images documenting the damage, and we’ll work with our shipper to get you a replacement.