Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth

Explore hidden tombs and uncover powerful secrets! Defy danger as you race to discover forgotten artifacts and prevent nefarious forces from exploiting them! Mystery awaits, and sometimes, the answers we seek can only be found in shadow… In this officially licensed tabletop RPG you play members of the Truth Seekers: contemporaries of Lara Croft who […]


Abyssal by Ash Cheshire and Lara Turner Abyssal is a Forged in the Dark role-playing game about humans, monsters, and the people in between. In this game, you will play a group of no-longerfully-human, not-yet-fully-monsters, called Liminals—people who have been touched by supernatural forces, but not entirely overcome by them—who are working together to accomplish […]

As the Sun Forever Sets

As the Sun Forever Sets by Riley Daniels. As the Sun Forever Sets is a Forged in the Dark game about a group of ordinary Victorian people embroiled in the chaos of Britain as it collapses under the overwhelming weight of an invasion from Mars. Where our players go, how they’ll survive these extreme circumstances, […]

June Pride Sale

A photo of some of the various games and accessories available in our June Pride Sale: Thirsty Sword Lesbians, Advanced Lovers & Lesbians, plus the Playbook folios and Mystery Tracking Pad for Apocalypse Keys.

Take 15% off select items during Pride 2023 with coupon PRIDE23! Celebrate the power of the queer experience at your table top this June! Pick up Nebula Award-winning RPG Thirsty Sword Lesbians or its companion book Advanced Lovers & Lesbians, plus exclusive accessories for Apocalypse Keys and more! Valid til the end of June, just […]

Tiān Dēng

Tiān Dēng: Tales of the Immortal God Ship by Banana Chan, Calvin Wong Tze Loon, Hong Di-Anne and Sen-Foong Lim Inspired by Firefly, The IT Crowd, Space Sweepers, Cowboy Bebop, and Star Trek: Lower Decks, your hapless crew scrambles from planet to planet completing various gigs, all while trying to appease the whims of their Immortal God […]

Welcome Cris Viana

She started with us shortly before the beginning of the year but we are proud to officially announce that Cris Viana has joined our team as Lead Graphic Designer! Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Cris is experienced in many areas of graphic design but currently focuses on book design. She’s been in love with TTRPGs […]

Look under the Hat 2/22/23

February has been a busy month at the Hat. Love and Monsters are in the air! We launched a crowdfunding campaign for Codex of Worlds (which is doing great!), released the Apocalypse Keys Roll20 bundle, and we’re getting close to sending out more! Here’s a breakdown by product! Codex of Worlds – Crowdfunding Now! Open […]

Look under the Hat 1/18/23

Happy new year. We’re kicking it off with a new game to playtest (Deathmatch island), a new crowdfunding campaign on BackerKit (Codex of Worlds, a supplement for Monster of the Week including new Team Playbooks and Mystery Frameworks), and more to come! 2023 Projects Underway Here’s all the project that we’ve been working on this […]

Deathmatch Island – Crowdfunding now!

We’re very excited to announce that Evil Hat is publishing Deathmatch Island by Tim Denee! What is DMI? Deathmatch Island is a fast-paced game about a deadly gameshow on a mysterious island chain. The competitors don’t know how they got here. They have been selected and recruited, forced to risk their lives in a deadly […]