Unlock your Heart. Unlock your Doom!

Apocalypse Keys by Rae Nedjadi is now available in stores and online. Even the most powerful monsters have hearts. Unleash your destruction and reveal your deepest emotions today!

Monster of the Week

We’re giving a facelift to this popular RPG of supernatural monster hunters! The new hardcover edition features fresh cover art, plus 24 pages of material from Tome of Mysteries. Available now!

ENnie and Nebula award winner!

If you love angsty disaster lesbians with swords, this roleplaying game is for you. If you’re just curious about angsty disaster lesbians with swords, it’s also for you!

New Releases

News from the Hat

A copy of Monster of the Week featuring a band of hunters fighting a gigantic spidery demon that is rising from the sea.

15 new Team playbooks, 5 new Setting frameworks and a ton of inspiration await you in the Codex of Worlds. Pick up this hefty new 416-page supplement for Monster of the Week directly from us, or wherever you buy games.

A photo of different books and supplements for the Apocalypse Keys TTRPG: a tablet of tear-off Mystery Maps, a USB drive in the shape of a skeleton key, a stack of seven playbooks, the all-black Special Edition hardcover with shiny varnished spot gloss art, and the standard hardcover edition of Apocalypse Keys. The cover is pink, purple, and orange. It features a winged Harbinger descending in a cone of orange light at two PCs prepare to do battle.

Limited inventory available: Pick up the Special Edition items for Apocalypse Keys! Featuring the all-black hardcover rulebook embellished with spot-gloss art, seven dedicated playbook folios, Mystery Map tracking pad and more. Get yours today!

Three copies of Improv For Gamers. On the cover, an illustration of six diverse gamers playing an improv game, set against a bright blue background.

Would you like to:
⏹️ become better at roleplaying
⏹️ create more interesting and believable characters
⏹️ get better at thinking on your feet?
we have a book for that!
Improv for Gamers

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