Game Submissions

Interested in publishing a game with Evil Hat? Awesome, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • System. We’re primarily focusing on games that are Powered by the ApocalypseForged in the Dark, or Powered by Fate. (This doesn’t rule out original-system games, but we want to be up-front about where our focus is.)
  • Format. Games intended for print as books (rather than card, board, or digital only products) that are (or will be) 40,000 words or longer.
  • Development Status. The game should be complete or near-complete and be thoroughly playtested in its current form. We recommend that you reach out to us before running a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Text. Game manuscript in plain text/word/google-doc format (not in layout).
  • Setting. Setting/genre that would fit in Evil Hat product lines.
  • Ongoing Development. A willingness to work with us on all aspects of the game as we go through the editing, layout, proofing, art direction, and indexing to get it ready for print.
  • Marketing. A partner in marketing the game along-side us by playing it online, at conventions, with local groups and generally building the excitement that comes from play.

Here are the services we provide as a publisher:

  • Finishing. We have in-house talent to do editing, layout, art, proofing, indexing, etc.
  • Project Management. We’ll work with you as well as all the staff assigned to the project to complete the game and make sure it meets our standard of production quality (which is pretty darn high).
  • Public Playtesting. If applicable, we’ll help you run a public playtest including creating the application form, review process, disclosure pledges, and feedback forms.
  • Marketing. This is co-operative aspect. Evil Hat will use our marketing engine but the most ardent fans will always come from you.
  • Crowdfunding. If we think the game is well suited to a Kickstarter campaign, we will work with you to run one at a time that works with our overall promotional schedule.
  • Manufacturing. Developing the print specifications, getting quotes, proofs, and working with the printer to complete the book.
  • Fulfillment. Delivery to wholesale, direct vendors like IPR, and backers/pre-order customers, along with the customer service and ongoing inventory supply management needed.
  • Virtual TableTop (VTT) Development. Developing character sheets, art packs, and modules for Roll20.

If you you’re interested in working with us and meet the criteria above please email us at We review submissions on a quarterly basis.