Official GODKILLER Show about Viciously Queer Devotion, “GODKILLER: Last Hope,” to Premiere on June 29

Arise, Heretics! A new official GODKILLER actual play is coming soon from the game’s creator. GODKILLER: LAST HOPE  is Transplanar RPG’s first in-studio actual play, starring designer Connie Chang (they/he/she) as the Game Master and Sea Thomas (they/them) as Litany (they/them), the Godkiller. Litany was forged for a single purpose: to slay the Immortal Emperor of Heaven — their mother’s sister. After a monumental failure, Litany teams up with a heroic cultivator and travels across a richly layered fantasy world inspired by Connie’s diasporic Chinese heritage, learning what it means to truly become. Can Litany accept their mortal heart — or will they be doomed to play the pawn forever?

LAST HOPE is a teeth-bared exploration of mortality, divinity, and the razor-sharp edges of familial grief. Everything about this series is rooted in viciously queer devotion: its duet framework between a single GM and a single player; its intimate interrogation of mortality and divinity; its bittersweet investigation of generational trauma and the tragic cycles of vengeance; and its ferociously transsexual exploration of what it means to carve your own purpose out of blood, rib, and blade. As fans of the GODKILLER game might know, the system itself is written by Connie as a gesture of love. Last Hope traverses the boundaries between intentional and emergent play, strives toward narratives of trans liberation, and bridges the personal cultures of the performers: Connie’s constantly evolving diasporic Chineseness and Sea’s monstrously transmasculine, rural upbringing.

LAST HOPE is a love letter to queer/trans Chineseness, which breaks questions of gender, heritage, and divinity and reassembles them on its own terms. Connie aims to shape Chinese fantasy as much as Chinese fantasy has shaped them. As for the Godkiller, mortality is to Litany what Chineseness is to Connie: an inextricable, ever-fluid, inherently queer identity that they get to define. Litany starts the show as an immaculate weapon bound by a ruthlessly rigid understanding of divinity. Through the series, they learn to be more than just a weapon, transforming into a fully realized person who dives headfirst into tragedy, choice, and community. Litany kills gods — but they spare them, too. And through that act, they spare themself.

Last Hope features Ryan Gibeau as the Director of Photography, Zo Williams as the Dramaturg, Jonathan Mendoza as the Set Photographer, James Cherico and Colin Capenito as the Production Assistants, Rey Pina as the Logo Designer, and Savanna Mayer as the Character Artist. GODKILLER: LAST HOPE premieres on June 29 at 5pm PT/8pm ET on Transplanar RPG’s Twitch and YouTube channels and will release new episodes every Saturday at 5pm PT/8pm ET on the same channels.

About Transplanar RPG:

Transplanar RPG is an all-transgender, people of color-led actual play channel telling dark fantasy stories in an original non-colonial, anti-orientalist multiverse. The ENNIE-nominated, CRIT Award-sweeping channel has been featured in Polygon, Dicebreaker, and Gizmodo and discussed on NPR, The New York Times, and Dimension 20’s Adventuring Academy. To inquire about interviews with the show’s creators, media can contact showrunner and GODKILLER designer Connie Chang at transplanarrpg@gmail.com.