Deathmatch Island Extras

Deathmatch Island Extras


Production approved survival kit for your Deathmatch Island adventures. Remember. WINNERS PLAY TO WIN.

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Congratulations competitor . You have been selected to participate in Deathmatch Island. Winning will mean fame, freedom, and unlimited wealth. You may be experiencing some
confusion and memory loss. This is normal following REDACTED . It is important that you do not panic.

We believe this survival kit will help you to orient yourself. Inside you’ll find:

  • DMI-Branded Pocket Folder sized for 6×9 items
  • Three island maps, folded, full size 12in x 18in, full color
  • 12 Motivation cards
  • In-game handouts
  • Island booklets x3
  • Production Guidance booklet
  • Competitor Guidance booklet
  • Cast Page sheets x4
  • Welcome Letter
  • Phase 2 Diagram
  • Intimate Conversation Prompts
  • Content Risk Assessment Form
  • Competitor Registration Forms (Character Sheets) x8
  • Play to Win tear-off pad
  • Deathmatch Island Can of Beans label

Deathmatch Island offers the opportunity to risk it all and rebel against Production. Will your competitors Play To Win or will they Break The Game? It’s a choice each player must make alone.

Redacted Files

Are you looking for more information, perhaps actual play or [REDACTED]? There is more about Deathmatch Island here:

Actual Play with Vana, Hamnah, Drakoniques, V, and Tim Denee

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