Fate Dice™: Ghost Dice

Fate Dice™: Ghost Dice


Individual Fate Dice™! Price is per die. Minimum order quantity is 4.


This is an add-on item. Due to our minimum cost of shipment this isn’t a good item to buy by itself, but it shouldn’t significantly change the shipping cost when added to a larger order containing one or more heavier items.

When we were making our Frost Dice set of Fate Dice™, a communications mistake left us with a big pile of dice in the matte translucent style of the Frost Dice set, but not in a color we were looking for. We thought they were gorgeous all the same! So we asked for the dice in “loose” form, so we could make them available to you.

These matte translucent “Ghost Dice” as we call them have a subtle, ethereal, watery color — a lovely addition to the set of any Fate Dice™ fan! Minimum order quantity is 4, but feel free to add as many as you’d like.

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