Red Planet

Red Planet


Join the Martian Union of Materialist Republics today!

It’s the year 773 Post Revolution, and Mars is basking in the long embrace of progressive materialism. The Union of Materialist Republics rules over a utopian planet and two moon colonies. The people are happy in their roles; the governments of the Republic remain at peace with one another; technology designed to better mankind advances by leaps and bounds.

But all is not entirely peaceful, for the Union is under attack by the corrupt “U.S.S.R.” and decadent “U.S.A.” back on Earth, the feudal alien Venusians, and the expansionist two-dimensional Country of the Geometers!

Defend the Union and Mars against its enemies, and bring glory to yourself, your squad, and your collective. Put your lives on the line to defend utopia in Red Planet, a Soviet retro-pulp adventure by Jess Nevins.

Red Planet requires Fate Core to play. This 59-page supplement includes:

  • A detailed review of the solar system—Fate-style
  • A social-class based character generation system with two new skills: pilot and renown
  • Interesting new rules for Conversions: a mental conflict in which characters try to convince others to agree with their point of view
  • Pulp-style spaceships and gear to equip your campaign
  • A sample adventure: 34 Chernykh

Welcome, Citizen, to the Red Planet.

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