Skill Challenge Preview

So, the preview for the Skill Challenge chapter of the DMG II is up here and careful readers may note a reason I’m particularly curious to see it. The skill challenge they present is, by the by, also a decent illustration of how to do a seamless skill challenge. While the DM can absolutely explicitly […]

OK, it’s on

D&D, my place, noon on saturday, running til 5 at the latest. 7th level characters, usual treasure rules (1 7th, 1 8th, 1 6th or 3 7th level items, plus cash equivalent to a level 7 item). Classes are limited to those in need of showcasing: choose from Artificer, Barbarian, Druid and Shaman. If we […]

The Subtle Hand of Awesome

I’m a big fan of the Birthright setting that TSR put out back in the day. It hit a lot of notes I really liked – the world felt populated, politics had a powerful role, monsters felt mythic – it just rocked. But one subtle note always impressed me. In one of the nations of […]

The City Challenge

judd_sonofbert put forward a really fascinating challenge to try to capture the feel he enjoys about China Mieville’s New Crobuzon (The city from Perdido Street Station and other books) using D&D and it’s magnificent weirdness as a starting point. The rules, such as they are, can be found here, but in short, they call for […]