As the Sun Forever Sets

As the Sun Forever Sets by Riley Daniels.

As the Sun Forever Sets is a Forged in the Dark game about a group of ordinary Victorian people embroiled in the chaos of Britain as it collapses under the overwhelming weight of an invasion from Mars.

Where our players go, how they’ll survive these extreme circumstances, and what they hope to save from the wreckage is up to them. After 15 days, the Martians – who long ago eradicated all disease on the red planet – succumb to the micro-organisms of Earth, and the game ends, leaving behind a world forever changed. Each hour might bring a fresh threat to their lives, or a shimmering beacon of hope in the darkness.

It’s a Horror Survival game. These 15 days will be the longest and most fraught of our characters lives, and every new day will be harder than the one before. You’ll need food, medical supplies and weapons to make it through, and if you’re not prepared, you’ll be left in the dust.

It’s about Relationships & Change. Victorian society is stratified by class, and riddled with prejudice. With its liquefaction, the most important thing we have is each other. Your character is shaped by the actions you take, as are the relationships with the people you meet.

It’s a Sandbox Hex Crawl – utilizing a map to plot the groups course across the stricken country, and track the invasion that tears it asunder. The map gives you ideas of the types of things you’re likely to see along your journey. What you’ll actually find is up to you, and the roll of the dice.

We play to find out how the cataclysm shapes our characters and their relationships to each other, what ends they’ll go to to justify their means, and if they live to see a new world, or die amidst the rubble of the old.