Abyssal by Ash Cheshire and Lara Turner

Abyssal is a Forged in the Dark role-playing game about humans, monsters, and the people in between. In this game, you will play a group of no-longerfully-human, not-yet-fully-monsters, called Liminals—people who have been touched by supernatural forces, but not entirely overcome by them—who are working together to accomplish something truly extraordinary.

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In the world of Abyssal, it is utterly unheard of that Liminals of different lineages would form a crew such as yours, relying so closely on one another. You will be an oddity not only to humans, but even to Abyssals, none of whom will necessarily appreciate or understand your decision. Not only is your choice of company a singular strangeness, but your decision even to remain Liminal for long is itself unusual. You are strange, indeed.

Something significant binds you all together–this is represented by your Undertaking, a massive task that each of you is invested in achieving, even if only to provide you an avenue for some other personal agenda. You’ve all agreed that the Undertaking is significant and important to each and every one of you, and you’ve formed an alliance together to achieve it.

Abyssal takes places in one of three times and places:

  • London, 1888
  • Paris, 1793
  • Las Vegas, 1971

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