Codex of Worlds – In Development

by Michael Sands and Marek Golonka

Open the Codex of Worlds. Get ready for new monsters, and new realms!

The Codex includes new content to bring different styles and settings to your Monster of the Week games. It’s written by Michael Sands and Marek Golonka, and being developed in partnership with Evil Hat Productions.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Team playbooks that give your hunter team a specific style, assets, team moves, and enemies.
  • Setting frameworks that provide a whole different starting point to your game. These range from those that only alter the contemporary setting a little to whole new worlds with totally new monsters and problems.
  • New rules to support the new material, which can be applied to any Monster of the Week game if you want to spice things up.

Get ready for new monsters, and new realms.

Progress updates can found on our project status page.