Girl by Moonlight – In Development

Tragic Magical Girls illuminating the darkness

Girl by Moonlight is a multi-genre RPG of Magical Girls grappling with destiny: hopes thwarted, defended, redeemed, and betrayed. It explores the heartbreak of denying who you really are, fighting for what you believe in, and the transcendent power of relationships and community. These Magical Girls clutch their tragic struggles tight, seeking to score defiant triumphs against the darkness of an oppressive society.

The game features four distinct playsets: In the Kingdom of Dawn heroic magical girls fight to reclaim a world corrupted by darkness. Mecha pilots battle against the extinction-level threat of the leviathans On a Sea of Stars. Dream travelers seek the truth of a magical conspiracy In a Maze of Dreams. Compromised members of the Memorial Academy spiral around the bounds of their own inevitable doom In Darkest Night. The critically-acclaimed Forged in the Dark system seamlessly pins it all together.

In this game, you’ll find:

  • Seven character playbooks of magical girls —the Guardian, Enigma, Outsider, Stranger, Time Traveler, Unlikely Hero, and Harmony.
  • Four series playsets to play different aspects of the magical girl genre.
  • A custom skin of the Forged in the Dark system to unify the action.
  • Actions such as Confess, Defy, Empathise, and Conceal deliberately designed to explicitly integrate characters’ inner life into the narrative.
  • Conflict outcomes that include mending, care, and connection.
  • Exploration of complicated answers to questions of identity, love, and community.
  • A cycle of play that drives the story forward, and keeps the protagonists grounded in the world they are fighting to change.
  • Ready made quick starts for each playset to get you right into the game. Ideal for single session or convention games, jump into Girl By Moonlight with the Silverstar Knights, Memorial Academy, ICARUS, and Dream Travelers.

We play to see how they fall, or if they rise to meet their destiny. 

To get updates on Girl by Moonlight check out or project status page.

Number of players: 3-6
Age of players: 13+
Length: 2-4 hours
Type of Game: Roleplaying Game
Languages Available: English
Product Number: TBD
Page Count: TBD
Format: Hardcover and Digital formats.
Release Date: TBD
Game Designer: Andrew Gillis