Fate on Roll20, Part 5: Stunts, Refresh and Fate Points

Continuing with our block-by-block tour of our “Fate by Evil Hat” character sheet for Roll20, we now take a look at the character sheet blocks for stunts, refresh, and fate points.

Stunt-, refresh-, and fate point-related blocks in sheet controls


Stunts are the cool techniques, tricks, or bits of equipment that make your character unique and interesting. Where skills are about a character’s broad competencies, stunts are about specific areas of excellence; most of them give you a bonus in particular circumstances or let you do something that other characters simply can’t.

Let’s look at the Stunts block of the character sheet. If you check the “Rollable” box for a given stunt, two new fields will be displayed, one to select the value of the bonus and the other the skill to which it applies. Of course, the spelling of the skill must match what is used in the character’s skill list in the Skills block (see Part 3 of this series.)

When the block is in display mode, it will offer a button to roll directly.

Rules-changing stunt and bonus-granting stunt in display mode

Using this button rather than the skill button adds the bonus for you, and indicates the use of the stunt in the chat window of Roll20.

In addition, you can click the “share” icon to the bottom right of any stunt description to share it in the chat window.

Refresh and Fate Points

The Refresh and Fate Points check boxes in the sheet controls simply turn display of these items on and off; this helps de-clutter the sheets for GM characters so that GMs see only the elements that are useful to them.

On the character sheet, fate points and refresh are displayed to the right of the character name:

Don’t forget to adjust these values to reflect the game settings and the refresh you spent on stunts, powers, or other extras for the character.

Up next in Part 6: Stress, Consequences, and Conditions.