Deathmatch Island Limited Edition

Deathmatch Island Limited Edition


A fast-paced roleplaying game about a deadly game show set on a chain of mysterious islands. WINNERS PLAY TO WIN.

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Limited Edition

This is the Limited Edition of Deathmatch Island, available while supplies last. The Limited Edition contains all the same material as the Standard Edition, and includes two ribbon bookmarks and a distinctive, corporate cover with the redacted text rendered as UV spot gloss — shine a light on this book to reveal its secrets!

Deathmatch Island offers the opportunity to risk it all and rebel against Production. Will your competitors Play To Win or will they Break The Game? It’s a choice each player must make alone.

Redacted Files

Are you looking for more information, perhaps actual play or [REDACTED]? There is more about Deathmatch Island here:
Actual Play with Vana, Hamnah, Drakoniques, V, and Tim Denee

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