Blades in the Deck

Blades in the Deck


Start stalking the grimy streets of Doskvol quickly with these official Blades in the Dark character, crew, and faction decks! Whether you’re gathering for a one-shot or starting a new campaign, these decks provide you a complete set of options with some quick and easy card draws. Cut to the chase and dive into your next heist!


Blades in the Deck is a series of card decks containing play aids for people playing and running Blades in the Dark!

Character Deck

This is the Chracters deck, useful for creating a character quickly, for any playbook. Why use a deck? You can limit the information “exposition” you must absorb to make a character, but keep an element of choice by choosing from the options you draw. Great for one-shots or for refreshing long-running games!

In this deck, you’ll find cards covering all the character aspects important to a scoundrel:

  • 4 instructions cards
  • 28 playbook cards
  • 15 heritage cards
  • 9 background cards
  • 9 social circle cards
  • 9 vice cards
  • 7 scoundrel kit cards
  • 6 hunting creature cards

Useful for players to create a character quickly—maybe because their main just landed in jail!—or for GMs looking to build a quick scoundrel NPC, build connections to the city, and more.

Crew Deck

This is the Crews deck. Using the Crews deck, you can base your decisions on a flexible range of options, speeding up the process of building your crew so you can get right to the first heist.

In this deck, you’ll find cards useful for getting your crew up and running in no time:

  • 2 instructions cards
  • 24 crew relationships cards
  • 60 cards covering the six crew types in Blades in the Dark (10 each of assassins, bravos, cultists, hawkers, shadows, and smugglers).

Factions & Locations

This is the Factions & Locations deck, useful for setting up a crew, and also for providing the GM a quick range of possibilities during play.

In this deck, you’ll find cards covering the factions & locations of interest in Doskvol:

  • 3 instructions cards
  • 53 faction cards
  • 17 location cards: 12 districts, 5 beyond the city borders

Use them to drop factions into play, select them as allies or rivals for your crew, entanglements from fallout, determining who controls territory the players are entering, and more!

Deals in the Deck

This is the Deals in the Dark deck. At a loss for what Devil’s Bargain to offer? Deals in the Dark has a wealth of suggestions to shortcut the process!

In this deck, you’ll find:

  • 1 instructions card
  • 60 cards offering 240 deals.

GMs and players can both use the deck to get ideas for bargains to propose. The GM has the final word on what bargains can be accepted in the game. Each card has four categories:

  • Character: Focus on the character.
  • Threat: Focus on the immediate clash.
  • Heist: Focus on the current crime.
  • Crew: Focus on crew dynamics. Usually downtime rolls.