Good Neighbours

Good Neighbours


In Good Neighbors, the Fair Folk have lived in peace with the humans of Still Hollow for centuries. But now, outsiders are coming into Still Hollow in search of gas deep beneath the earth.The Industry does not respect the old ways. Their machines disturb the dwellings of the Fair Folk, and the filth that seeps into the ground around their wells is deadly.

In Good Neighbors, players take on two roles: a human who must deal with the politics of this new industry, and a fairy who feels the full spiritual damage of the Industry. Can your humans enact change to make Still Hollow safe again, or will your fairies need to enact their own justice? Find out in this Fate World of Adventure by Paul Stefko.

Good Neighbors requires Fate Core to play. This 48-page supplement contains:

  • A streamlined system to allow players to create two characters for use in a single campaign or game session
  • A profession system with packaged aspects & skills to allow for quick character generation
  • Rules for fairies and fae magic in Fate using Fate Accelerated approaches
  • A Reaction Tree system to help GMs easily combine two storylines—in this case, fairy and human—into a single game scenario
  • Human and fairy sample characters, Industry insiders, and plenty of Still Hollow locations to get you gaming fast

They say good times make good neighbors. These are bad times.

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