Uprising: Revolutionary Messages

Uprising: Revolutionary Messages


Expand your options for Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG with Revolutionary Messages!

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Expand your options for Uprising: The Dystopian Universe RPG with Revolutionary Messages!

Inside you’ll find five new expansions for the game:

  • The Second Fall and Other Stories: Two new story arcs and new missions for your campaign, ambitious plans for sabotage, and corporate control over the food supply in Paris Nouveau.
  • Safehouses and Hotspots: Four new locations to explore in Paris Nouveau, including places of refuge, contacts, and missions.
  • Paris Nouveau Corporate Catalog: See how the 1% lives in Paris Nouveau, and sell yourself into further debt to afford these luxuries. You wouldn’t steal them, would you, Citoyen? Contains new products and gear as well as a few choice contacts living amongst the beautiful people.
  • Invisible Hands: Uncover illicit gear and shady contacts as you enter the black market of Paris Nouveau. There’s plenty to be had here for a price, and the privacy the black market affords comes at a premium. 
  • Beyond the Walls: Leave Paris Nouveau behind and fight an entirely different kind of oppression in Neese, an alternative city for your campaign. Join the members of La Légion Humaniste as you rise up against the Esthetik Church’s tyrrany. Includes new playbooks and new advancement paths.

Revolutionary Messages. Keep the signal alive!

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