The Agency

The Agency


Greetings, Agents. You are all dead.

Welcome to the Agency, a sophisticated espionage organization founded by [REDACTED]. Unfortunately, most of our Field Agents have been neutralized by [REDACTED]. Luckily, the Agency has prepared for this very situation with countless hours of data collection and Digital Personality Encoding, and we can now program latent Field Agent subroutines into our new recruits.

You are one of these civilians: a normal person in search of money, adventure, or fame, with multiple Field Agents hanging out in your brain. Will you succeed in your mission? Find out in The Agency, a Fate World of Adventure by Tracy Barnett.

The Agency requires Fate Core to play. This 34-page supplement includes:

  • True “super-agent” characters, where each of the Field Agent Inserts contributes knowledge and actions within a single confrontation
  • A focus on interaction between the Civilian and their Inserts designed to create interesting roleplay opportunities between each of the personalities
  • Skill sets, gear ideas, and character creation guidelines for espionage stories in Fate
  • A streamlined system to create your evil mastermind or organization, along with a sample organization
  • A complete sample adventure: Three Minutes from Midnight

Welcome (back) to the Agency.

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