The Clockwinders

The Clockwinders


The world is broken, and its clocks with it.

The Clockwinders are an organization charged with maintaining Cadvini’s movement cores—powerful, ancient artifacts that lock the world’s rotation in place, allowing for a temperate zone where society can flourish. But the cores have begun to fail, bringing the threat of fire, frost, and Fey with them.

As one of the Clockwinders, you will journey across the face of Cadvini, through aether-tained ruins and by barely-functional rail, to restore the clockwork order of the world before it is too late. Will you persevere, or fall to the machinations of the Fey? Find out in The Clockwinders, a Fate World of Adventure by Jahmal Brown.

The Clockwinders requires Fate Core to play. Inside this 46-page supplement, you’ll find:

  • A clockwork fantasy world teetering on the brink of disaster.
  • Rules for character creation featuring skill modes, custom conditions, and aetheric magic (an Extra).
  • Guidance for using the Deck of Fate in play.
  • The adventure track, a method for tracking progress through the storyline using conditions and aspects.
  • 7 detailed destinations for your adventure in solving The Cadvini Crisis.

It’s up to the Clockwinders to discover what’s amiss and set it right. Go Clockwinders!

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