Index Card Situation

This is not technically part of Index Card Tactics, though it’s related, in that another part of ICT is that it uses situation generators like Two Guys With Swords. This is another such tool (and don’t worry, I’ll be getting onto classes and equipment and so on). This trick works best for a group of 4 or […]

An Idea

Not sure if this is a handout or just a placeholder, but it fell onto my screen tonight. Additional thoughts Make sure to keep the NPC cards. If you do this more than once, you can start adding them to the table beforehand and changing the number of new vs existing NPCs used. If you’re […]

More Guys With Swords

For a friend’s birthday this weekend, a request was made for a game to be run, and given a combination of short notice and assessment of the taste of all players involved, I ran Two Guys With Swords. 2GwS has a somewhat fantastic self-selection process. It is run (at least by me) with a certain […]