ICT: Classes Part 2

Ok, so you’ve got a nice shiny die representing your class. That’s all you need, right? Well, sure, we could leave it there, but that would be kind of dull.  Instead we’re going to jazz it up with a little bit of crunch that really shines a light on what a class does. At the […]

ICT: Classes Part 1

Classes in ICT are explicitly designed to carry a lot of weight. They have their own rules, with the idea being that you need to learn the core rules, but beyond that you only need familiarity with the rules relevant to your class or classes. In this sense, it’s a bit like 4e, but unlike […]

ICT: Distinction, Plot Points and Gear

DistinctionsIndex Card Tactics made use of distinctions – 3 per characters. For the unfamiliar these are descriptors without die values.  Some of the ones we had in play included “Poor sense of direction” and “Very good at WANTING to be a knight”.   Players may add a single distinction to a roll: if the player […]

Index Card Situation

This is not technically part of Index Card Tactics, though it’s related, in that another part of ICT is that it uses situation generators like Two Guys With Swords. This is another such tool (and don’t worry, I’ll be getting onto classes and equipment and so on). This trick works best for a group of 4 or […]

Index Card Tactics

I was talking about this with Ryan Macklin last night and I had a moment of “huh, I should write this down” so here it is. At Pax East, I ran a game of what can probably best be described as tabletop Final Fantasy Tactics.  Early in the con I had run a game of […]