Welcome Cris Viana

A photo of Cris Viana, a Brazilian woman with glasses and long curly hair dyed a silvery blue.
Cris Viana

She started with us shortly before the beginning of the year but we are proud to officially announce that Cris Viana has joined our team as Lead Graphic Designer!

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Cris is experienced in many areas of graphic design but currently focuses on book design. She’s been in love with TTRPGs since high school, and has done layout for TTRPG books and board games for publishers both in Brazil and abroad.

Her previous work includes in the new Brazilian edition of Castle Falkenstein, the Witcher TTRPG – Book of Tales, and the Tome of Chaos supplements from R. Talsorian.

Since her start with Evil Hat she’s worked on the new, expanded edition of Improv For Gamers, Apocalypse Keys, the crowdfunding campaign for Codex of Worlds, upcoming RPG Project Perseus, as well as several Roll20 releases.

We’re grateful to have her design skills and TTRPG expertise in our bullpen!