Apocalypse Keys: Doomsday Delights

Apocalypse Keys: Doomsday Delights


Find new Playbooks, Factions, Harbingers, a lengthy Mystery, and more in this huge expansion for Apocalypse Keys.


ATTENTION AGENTS: Tireless work by your colleagues at DIVISION has cracked an indecipherable vault of high value assets. Anyone with Perihelion level access or higher can now take advantage of Doomsday Delights: a massive supplement for Apocalypse Keys!

Inside this fully-illustrated 107-page expansion, you will find:

  • Three new DIVISION branches
  • Two additional Factions
  • Two insidious Harbingers
  • Three full Playbooks
  • Plus, a complete Mystery: The Company of the Gentry

Assign fresh Agents to one of three new DIVISION Branches: the subsea research branch of ABYSS, the extradimensional Department of Change which tracks all Reality Shift Incidents, or the temporal guardians of Project HOURGLASS.

Challenge your team with The Archivists and their trove of myths, urban legends, and conspiracy theories – all of them twisted, horrifying, and true. The Lost Ones collect all manner of rejects, runaways and outsiders – welcoming them in, healing them, and quietly bending them toward vengeance.

Only the most cunning and capable Agents will dare take on Xochitl the Dream Eater or the inevitable pull of the Void Mother. Who will stand between the Doors of Power and these Harbingers of Doom?

Three new types of Omen Class Monsters join the ranks of DIVISION! New playbooks include:

  • The Betrayed is a vessel of an unknowable and inhuman entity that demands strict and horrific justice, while striving to retain their humanity.
  • The Untethered embodies the pain and perfection of the Apocalypse, desperate to exert control over a chaotic world.
  • The Chained struggles to contain the violence and shadow of the Fury that resides inside them, fighting for an identity that does not belong to them.

Finally, gather your forces and rendezvous with your contact at Heathrow airport: MI-666 has detected multiple Harbinger-class threats and requests your assistance. The elves have returned to Britain and their intentions are not benign. The Company Of Gentry is an expansive Mystery of failed rituals, imperialist Fae, and magical fracking.

With over a hundred pages of new content, this supplement adds dramatic new options to Apocalypse Keys. Unmask your Heart, embrace your Ruin, and indulge in these potent and plentiful Doomsday Delights.

This product was funded with the generous support of fans who backed the Apocalypse Keys Kickstarter campaign. Product Authors: Kieron Gillen (The Company of the Gentry), Hipólita (The Archivists), Josh Hittie (The Chained), KeganExe (The Void Mother), Jenn Martin (Abyss), Rae Nedjadi (Project HOURGLASS, The Betrayed), Morgan Nuncio (Xochitl, the Dream-Eater), Kienna Shaw (Department of Change), Logan Timmis (The Lost Ones), and Sebastian Yūe (The Untethered).

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