City of Red Waters

City of Red Waters


City of Red Waters is an alternative setting supplement for the Blades in the Dark role-playing game. Transport your Blades in the Dark game to the complex colonial city of Inverrouge.

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Welcome to Inverrouge

City of Red Waters is an alternative setting for the bestselling Blades in the Dark RPG, featuring new heritages, backgrounds, vices, crew types and more. Note: This is not a standalone product, you will need a copy of Blades in order to play.

Inverrouge is a bustling colonial metropolis burdened with a complex and unpleasant history. The land here is rich from a hundred thousand years of care and a hundred years of blood. All that is sacred, beautiful, mystical runs through the veins of its peoples, hot and red. Blood is the essence of life and soul in Inverrouge. It seeps into the soil, conjures Ghosts on the cobblestone streets, and lures demons from murky depths. In the city of red waters, colonialism makes vampires of us all.

Inverrouge (/invəɹuːʒ/, in-ver-rooj) sits on the mouth of the river Sange (/sɑːnʐ/,sahnzh), making it a major port for the mighty Steamships that pass through. Its music, cuisine, and culture are the envy of the modern world. Situated among dark trees and still waters, the city fills itself with intoxicating local produce and drapes itself in finery from every corner of the world. The daylight hours present a facade of fashionable modesty and businesslike propriety. But at night Inverrouge erupts into a cacophony of lights and music in a dozen clashing styles.

Here in the city of red waters there are opportunities for decadence, ambition, and monstrosity alike for those with the cunning, wealth, or brutality to seize them.

In this 52-page supplement for Blades In The Dark you will find:

  • An overview of Inverrrouge
  • Seven new Heritages
  • Seven new Backgrounds
  • A new system for Vice and Overindulgence
  • Three new Crew types
  • Details on the nine regions of Inverrouge
  • Write-ups on the eighteen factions vying for control of the city


  • City of Red Waters: 52 page supplement for Blades in the Dark.
  • New Crew Sheets: Roots, Emcees, and The River

From the Creator

This place was first passed to me as Moon Over Bourbon Street, a magical, entrancing pitch, rich and cosmopolitan but distinctly American. As it passed into my hands I bathed it in the blood of the colonial mythology of my own homeland, in tales of bushrangers and blackfullas, of Afghan camel drivers and Chinese gold miners, and I wrapped it in the same delusions of intellectualism, terra nullius, free settler colonies, and propriety that I was swaddled in as a child. City Of Red Waters is a fundamentally colonial fiction, pulling from New Orleans, Adelaide, the Mississippi, the Murray Darling, from Banjo Patterson and Anne Rice, from The Littlest Convict and Dracula. The smiling, well dressed parasite of empire distracts and entertains with tasteful finery and fantastical moral philosophies as it slowly poisons and consumes you. Welcome to Inverrouge. – Ash McAllan

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