Codex of Worlds: Apocrypha

Codex of Worlds: Apocrypha


Codex of Worlds: Apocrypha. New Teams. New Mysteries. New Ways to explore Monster of the Week.


The Codex of Worlds convulses like a thrashing beast between your hands and suddenly, amid a guttural howl and a puff of sulfur, a second tome appears: the fabled Apocrypha!

More Team playbooks, new rules, and additional Mysteries expand your Monster of the Week game even further! 

Multiply your Hunters’ firepower with the Army of One. Return from retirement with Back to Square One. Escape the apocalypse (and prevent the next one) with the Doomed World Exiles. Assemble your own crew of investigative journalists from Monster Revelations. Use the Storied Hunter Lineage to tap generations of monster hunting expertise. Or get your adrenaline fix with the Thrill-Seekers Team playbook.

No matter which Team playbook you choose, the Curse-Eater will serve a valuable role consuming evil magic as you face down threats. Nevermind that Corruption track, let’s find another monster!

For game masters, six new Mysteries help you dive into the alternate worlds introduced in the Codex of Worlds:

  • A volcanic eruption threatens the prehistoric Hunters of Bone Spear in Ravenous Fire.
  • The Dreaming Army marches inevitably forward, their ranks swelling each night. Stop them before they engulf the Soaring City of Hermessia! A Mystery for use with Dreaming with the Gods.
  • Missing persons and strange symbols in the East End are just the beginning in Butterflies, a haunt for the Gothic Century.
  • Society begins to unravel and firebrands take to the streets to preach temperance. As the city descends into chaos, how will you stop whoever is out to get their Sweet Revenge?
  • The fate of the Monster Marches is on the line in Enemies to Lovers. Will your Hunters work behind the scenes to back one of the suitors to the throne or, perhaps, step up and become one themselves?
  • Some doors were never meant to be opened. But what team of Hunters has even been able to leave well enough alone? Enter This Strange Old House and find out what lurks behind The Broken Door.

The new resources for game masters don’t end there. Case Closed offers a system for creating quick 15-30 minute mini-Mysteries. And Wait, Monsters Are Real? introduces prelude adventures. Not everyone has the skills of a Hunter. In this funnel-style setup, you play regular folk striving to survive their first encounter with the supernatural. Ideal as a springboard to set up a new campaign of Monster of the Week

Apocrypha requires the Monster of the Week core game and The Codex of Worlds supplement to take full advantage of its content. At 210 pages, it expands the Team playbooks and world frameworks introduced in The Codex of Worlds by nearly 50%.

Codex of Worlds: Apocrypha. New Teams. New Mysteries. New Ways to explore Monster of the Week.

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