Monster of the Week: Modern Haunts

Monster of the Week: Modern Haunts


Sprawling, location-based threats for Monster of the Week games set in the modern day, plus a new Team Playbook!


Gather your team, explore mysterious locations, face new threats, and roll to Kick Some Ass with Modern Haunts!

This 61-page expansion for Monster of the Week takes concepts introduced for the alternate settings found in the Codex of Worlds and updates them for games set in the present day.

Modern Haunts introduces five new “haunts”: location-based threats with their own dread agenda, harrowing moves, and vile servitors. Test the mettle of your Hunters in The Den of Conspiracies, The Endless Trenches, The Toxin Factory, and more!

Plus, give your Hunters an edge over the supernatural with a new Team Playbook: The Hauntbusters. Dedicated to neutralizing haunts and other places of malevolent power, this playbook details new enemies, fresh allies, and custom moves for your Team. And your team will need all the help they can get to purge these twisted locations of their malevolent, multi-faceted evil.

Finally, Modern Haunts offers advice on integrating non-supernatural villains into your game. How can humans with little or no supernatural power cause trouble for our well-heeled investigators? Inside this supplement you’ll find Mystery seeds, hooks, and co-conspirators to help you demonstrate just how potent a little ambition (and a few well-placed connections) can be.

Modern Haunts is a 61-page expansion for Monster of the Week, written by Marek Golonka and illustrated by Juan Ochoa and Daniel Gorringe. Monster of the Week and Codex of Worlds are required to use it.

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