The Rise of Yig

The Rise of Yig


Written by Alastor Guzman, The Rise of Yig is a timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, an action adventure twist on the genre where you steal the powers of the Elder Gods to travel back in time and try to prevent the dire apocalypse your world endured at their hands.

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In this 29-page timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, agents from the future and people from the present day join forces to cancel an impending reptilian apocalypse! 

In 2020 a surprise eclipse, visible only in northern Mexico and in the southern United States, shadowed everything under it. It was a strange astronomical phenomenon. During the eclipse and ensuing darkness, Yig—the Father of Serpents—awoke. 

Yig started walking and destroying civilization in his wake. His full power led to a psychic disturbance around the world: terrifying dreams of snakes and other reptiles, sudden convulsions when near those animals, and an increase in betrayals among friends all the way up to entire corporations. Secret organizations such as the Center for Defense against Elder Threats from the UN, the Chimalli Union and the Dark Light Net had contingency plans for Great Old Ones, but never accounted for Yig because he was considered a lesser threat than other Old Ones. 

They were wrong.

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