The Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse


The Great Old Ones aren’t pulling the strings. Nobody is traveling back in time. Instead, a human enemy looms in the form of la Mission Civilisatrice!

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In this 32-page timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, your heroes will face la Mission Civilisatrice, a deadly but entirely human threat.

In a sterile office building, a secret society of privileged technocrats plan out the end of the world via PowerPoint presentation. In their proposed future, they unleash a plague of the hungry dead onto an unprepared world. These zombies take a myriad of different forms. Some look like simple shambling corpses. Others can run swiftly or even hatch advanced plans. Still others have wings, superhuman strength, or any number of unpredictable advantages. They prey on poor and vulnerable humans, while the rich and powerful retreat into fortified sanctuaries, turning their backs on the masses.

To avert this grim reality, concerned citizens who don’t want to see this future come to pass form a coalition to fight the colonialism and cultural appropriation which will precipitate the zombie plague. As a member of the Crocodile Club, you’ll fight the cruel imperialists of la Mission Civilisatrice as they travel the world hunting folkloric monsters and stealing magical traditions to empower their zombie servants, laborers, and experiments.

With every successful “civilizing mission,” the zombies grow more powerful and their masters more secure in the kleptocratic future that awaits, at the expense of the world’s cultural traditions. But what about you? To what lengths will you go to avert a shambling, broken future?

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