The Rise of Azathoth

The Rise of Azathoth


Written by Lara Turner, The Rise of Azathoth is a timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, an action adventure twist on the genre where, in the final second of the Universe, you are granted the powers of the Elder Gods to travel back in time and try to prevent the dire apocalypse that resulted from Azathoth’s awakening.

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In this 32-page timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, your heroes will face Azathoth, the Nuclear Chaos.

Azathoth, the Nuclear Chaos, sits at the center of all things. It is the sole true power; the universe as we know it and everything within it is but a momentary dream of Azathoth, the sleeping god. But dreams can be dangerous. Azathoth imagined the Darkness and the Nameless Mist as great powers like itself, and these dream-powers spawned the Great Old Ones, whose family tree is long, dense, and twisted.

Now, Azathoth is in a prison of its own imagining. The Great Old Ones, aware of their status as figments in the dreams of an alien god, take measures to ensure their continued existence. Through all their endless battles with each other, they are unified in one cause: keeping Azathoth asleep. It has been rendered insensate and lulled into perpetual slumber. Should Azathtoth awaken, even for a moment, the entirety of creation will vanish, reduced to the fading memory of a bad dream.

This is your mission. Get ready to travel to the past—and face the source of all.

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