Mixed Success and No-Fail Rolls in Fate

Here’s another idea banging around in my head about Fate that I’m not sure is ready for So to generalize, in Apocalypse World, players roll 2d6 for various things, which the results usually reading like: 2-6: Failure (you don’t get what you’re after, and things may well get worse) 7-9: Mixed/minimal success (success with […]

Bringing the Damage Roll to Fate

So, this is a weird idea for a side-project of mine that might not see the light of day (or it might!). I’d post it over on if I was more certain about it, but for now, this goes over here on my blog as a “hack”. So, I’ve been noodling around the notion […]

Hack: Use Fate’s Zones with 4e

So, you like Fate‘s idea of zones, and you’re not a fan of the one-inch-square map gig, but you’re playing 4e, and you definitely want to see a map get some action, just not one with all of that regimentation and orderly geometry. How to mix 4e play with Fate’s zones? This is a very […]

Hack: Use Your Grid-Maps With Fate

So, I love our semi-abstract method of zone maps in Fate, but playing and running (far more run than play) 4e has left me a little bit bitten by the maps-and-minis bug. There are times when I’d like to see Fate happen with  a little more of a rooted, concrete, tactical map-reality. So that’s been […]