Our Next Crowdfunding Campaign

Hello friends, We are gearing up for the crowdfunding campaign for Apocalypse Keys by Rae Nedjadi and wanted to take a brief moment to share the thinking behind our decision to launch it on Kickstarter. First, we want to be clear about our company values:  We at Evil Hat believe cryptocurrencies and NFTs are too […]

AGON: Realms of Khaos

by John Harper In development now Beyond the shores of Earth and the Vault of Heaven lie lands unknown—strange realms adrift within crystal spheres upon the swirling void of Khaos— the primordial origin of all that is and will be. Leaving the misty seas of their ancient world behind, a band of glorious heroes voyage […]

The Dagger Isles – In Development

A supplement for Blades in the Dark. Lead Developer: Pam Punzalan Contributing authors: Aaron Lim, Malika Lim Eubank, Sinta Posadas, Brenden Gibbons, Joaquin Saavedra, Shao Han Tan, John Erwin Playbook developer: Nychelle Schneider Creative Director and Layout: John Harper Developmental Editor: Sean Nittner

Apocalypse Keys – Coming soon

Apocalypse Keys by Rae Nedjadi. Unlock Your Heart or Unlock the Apocalypse As an Omen class monster, you are the only thing capable of holding back the apocalypse. Combat occult threats and investigate supernatural phenomena alongside your team of supernatural agents working for the shadowy DIVISION. But in a world that shuns monsters like you, […]

Blades in the Dark Decks

CHARACTER, CREW, AND FACTION DECKS Start stalking the grimy streets of Doskvol quickly with these official Blades in the Dark character creation decks! Whether you’re gathering for a one-shot or starting a new campaign, these decks provide you a complete set of options with some quick and easy card draws. Cut to the chase and […]

Fate of Umdaar – In Development

FATE OF UMDAAR PLANET OF SWORDS, SUPER-SCIENCE, AND SORCERY This is the planet Umdaar, a world of ancient science, swords, and sorcery.The tyrannical Masters reign over the scattered kingdoms, oppressing and terrorizing their subjects. They scour the planet for ancient technology, which they use to extend their reign and grow their empires. You are a […]

Codex of Worlds – In Development

by Michael Sands and Marek Golonka Open the Codex of Worlds. Get ready for new monsters, and new realms! The Codex includes new content to bring different styles and settings to your Monster of the Week games. It’s written by Michael Sands and Marek Golonka, and being developed in partnership with Evil Hat Productions. Inside you’ll find: Team playbooks […]