On the Wall

On the Wall


Superheroes meet teen dystopia in On the Wall, a Fate World of Adventure by Carrie Harris based on her graphic novel of the same name.

All the dry-hand-washing supervillains in the world aren’t half as scary as your average high school. The realities of being a modern day teen—drug addiction, cyberbullying, abusive relationships, absentee parents, the constant pressure to succeed—are terrifying. Add in a world full of normal, unpowered folks who are scared witless by all the superpowered mutants, and it’s a pretty scary place to grow up. But that’s just what you’ve got to do. Will you play it safe, or will you get off the wall and make a stand?

On the Wall requires Fate Accelerated to play. This 41-page supplement includes:

  • A character generation system based on cliques and social groups, as well as rules for using cliques to generate conflict in Fate.
  • Simple superpower rules and example stunts to make superhero gaming easy and quick to start.
  • A “predictable approach” mechanic to help encourage Fate Accelerated gamers to use a variety of approaches in game.
  • An assortment of story-creation mechanics, including sample plots and characters from the graphic novel.
  • An easy-to-use system to combine teen drama with larger scale stories in Fate.

Will you stay On the Wall, or will you make a stand for what you believe in?

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