Ngen Mapu

Ngen Mapu


The Land is sick, and humans are the cause.

Not all of them, of course, and therein lies the problem. Civilization—that brash, incomprehensible, recent invention of humanity—tends to corrupt what it does not understand. And people really don’t truly understand the Land (or mapu)… not any more.

As ngen—mighty, immortal, shapeshifting, and largely pacifistic beings from beyond the dawn of time—you each act as guardian of some aspect of the Land, be it water, laughter, lightning, dreams, or some other essential concept of existence. It’s your job to undo the harm done to the Land and thereby move the world towards a better form.

But how can you guard the Land against something you barely understand yourself, when the path of violence risks turning you toward corruption and becoming a wekufe, a creature of darkness and destruction? Find out in Ngen Mapu, a new Fate World of Adventure of South American urban fantasy from Helena Real.

Inside this 43-page supplement you’ll find:

  • An urban fantasy setting that merges modern civilization with the South American myths of the Mapuche people
  • Rules and advice on shifting away from conflicts as the main form of resolution, to support the pacifistic approaches of the ngen
  • Three new skills to reflect the preternatural abilities of the ngen: Heart, Wisdom, and Shapeshift (as well as some other alterations to the default Fate Core skill list)
  • Rules for tainted fate points which tempt the ngen towards corruption
  • Scale rules representing how difficult it is to change an aspect of the world with your mythic abilities
  • A starting adventure for your ngen: The Mother in the Doorstep 

Take the form of an animal, a stream, a leaf, a person, an idea.
Restore the Land as one of the ngen.

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