Straw Boss

Straw Boss


Let us tell a story of sacrifice and corruption. Enter the world of Straw Boss.

Belief defines reality. Members of the Scholars of the Hieroglyphical Monad know this to be true. Some might call it a cult, but you know everything they teach is real. The power you and your fellow Scholars wield shores up the crumbling sands of reality where myths both new and ancient seek to enter our world. Because sometimes, bad people believe bad things and by doing so, call them into being. You must recruit the bad things as Familiars, bound to help you in your mission, or destroy them. Walk the gritty road between light and dark in Straw Boss, a Fate World of Adventure by JR Evans.

Straw Boss requires Fate Core to play. This 45-page supplement includes:

  • A new aspect structure to define the character as well as their role in the cult structure
  • Rules for demonic (or other) possession in Fate, including new skills and stunts
  • A new currency—Corruption—allows characters to boost their performance at a cost
  • Simple Vigil and Inquisition prompts to help the group develop their cult’s identity and storylines
  • A unique flippable character sheet to allow players to flip back and forth between their character and their Familiar
  • A sample adventure: The Thief on the Cross

Fight the darkness with your faith… and the monster hiding up your sleeve. Straw Boss. 

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