Under the Table

Under the Table


Get ready for some sword-and-speakeasy fantasy!

Arthurian mythology meets Prohibition era gangster fiction in Pete Woodworth’s Fate World of Adventure. The King’s Men are a legendary crime syndicate with the corner on sangreal, a magical liquor. The players are poised to join the inner circle—sorry, Round Table—but things are tipping bad in Camelot, Illinois, and pretty soon the whole thing may just come tumbling down. A little magic, a little luck, a lot of hard fighting and a whole lot of blood built this empire, but honor and loyalty only go so far in the face of betrayal. Save the kingdom, tear it down, or take it for yourself in Under the Table.

Under the Table requires Fate Core to play. This 47-page supplement includes:

  • Thematic touchstones to help create a seamless blend of Arthurian legend and Prohibition gangster tales
  • Arthurian-inspired crime syndicates, locations, and characters to populate the streets and back alleys of Camelot, Illinois
  • New mechanical elements to help drive home the blending of old world magic and syndicated crime—artifacts, mystic places, and doom
  • A step-by-step process to create heists for your group of King’s Men…and women
  • Three short scenario starters to get you playing fast

When deals are made Under the Table, betrayal is inevitable.

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