The Rise of Hastur

The Rise of Hastur


Written by Kira Magrann, The Rise of Hastur is a timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, an action adventure twist on the genre where you steal the powers of the Elder Gods to travel back in time and try to prevent the dire apocalypse your world endured at their hands.

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In this 33-page timeline for Fate of Cthulhu, your heroes will face Hastur, the Unspeakable One.

Slowly the harbingers of the Unspeakable One rise to infect humanity with despair: An impossibly huge stone tower surrounded by still, black water appears in Utah. Three seemingly-unrelated oil spills shift and transform into massive ritual circles, poisoning animals and humans alike. People across the globe succumb to deathly dreams and sleepwalk into the nearest ocean or lake. Four giant supernatural falcons manifest around the world and spread incomprehensible destruction. 

In the end, Cassilda the blue flame of the Hyades battles the Unspeakable One in an effort to save the planet from Hastur’s all-consuming mantle of darkness. But the world is shattered and swallowed. You are one of the final survivors who escape – by traveling through time.

Now you stand on the brink of the Apocalypse, with one goal: Beat back the oily waters of the Unspeakable One and save the world from the alien pull of the Black Star.

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