Sign Up to Playtest the Tomb Raider Tabletop RPG!

Get ready to grab your dice and dive headlong into danger. Sign-ups to playtest the official Tomb Raider Tabletop RPG are now open!

On the left, the cover of the 2024 playtest edition of Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth. On the right, three character playbooks: the Hunter, the Changed, and the Companion. Caption: The official Tomb Raider Roleplaying Game. Sign up to playtest now!

In Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth, you play members of the Truth Seekers: contemporaries of Lara Croft who strive to reveal long-hidden knowledge and thwart those who would steal and exploit artifacts for their own gains. It is a game of action, exploration, and self-discovery. Face perilous challenges and tough choices as you learn what it takes to be a hero.

Featuring an innovative implementation of the Powered by the Apocalypse rules engine, Tomb Raider: Shadows of Truth requires 3-6 players, pencils, paper, and at least six 6-sided dice in order to play. You can read more about the game here.

Here’s a quick FAQ we put together about the playtest:

Am I a Good Candidate to Become a Playtester?

Whether you are into Tomb Raider or tabletop gaming, we are looking for people across the spectrum of fandom and experience to put the game through its paces. You definitely don’t have to be an elite game master or epic Tomb Raider sage (although you may find some fun easter eggs inside if you are…) We are looking for people who bring enthusiasm, curiosity, and an open mind to the gaming table.

How Much Is Involved?

We ask that you commit to at least four (ideally 8+) sessions of the game with a group of three or more people. A feedback form will be available to all participants. You will be expected to fill it out as regularly as you reasonably can – whether that’s after each session or after your game wraps up. We’ll also have a private Discord server available for questions and discussion during the playtest period. Participation in that is optional.

What If I Don’t Currently Have A Gaming Group?

We get it, sometimes the hardest part of gaming is finding the right time or enough people to play. Submit your application and we may be able to help connect you with a group of other playtesters on our private Discord server.

How Much Time Will We Have to Playtest the Game?

Materials will be sent to approved applicants in early April 2024. Final feedback will be due in July.

What Kind of Playtest Feedback Are You Looking For?

Our experience over years of developing TTRPGs is that the most useful feedback comes from playing the game. We want playtesters to share the experiences they have at their tables. That means revealing the things that worked, and highlighting items that were confusing or difficult to play. We’re not looking for a casual “read through” with notes or a list of proposed solutions. We want you to play the game with your friends and give us your best assessment of how it went. Our brief feedback form will help guide you.

Is There An NDA? Can I Post My Impressions or Stream the Game?

We don’t require you to sign a “lips sealed” NDA to playtest the Tomb Raider TTRPG. You can talk about it, post about it – even stream it. One of the things we do ask is that you acknowledge your special role as a playtester with advance access to the game, and to be mindful and fair with any analysis or opinions you share.

Sounds Great! How Do I Sign Up?

Fill out the application form found here. All data submitted is governed by our privacy policy. Approved applicants will begin receiving playtest materials and communication in early April.