The Mechanics & Meeples DFCO Strategy Guide Contents

Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

by Shannon Appelcline

Game Historian of Designers & Dragons
Board Game Analyst of Mechanics & Meeples

Section I: The Three Resources

Section II: Planning Your Actions

Section III: Managing Your Actions

Section IV: Playing Player Cards

Section V-A: Removing Advantages & Obstacles

Section V-B: Attacking Foes & Cases

Section VI: Planning for the Win

Section VII: Ending the Game

Section VIII-A: Playing the Core Characters

Section VIII-B: Playing Expansion #1: Fan Favorites

Section VIII-C: Playing Expansion #2: Helping Hands

Section VIII-D: Playing Expansion #3: Wardens Attack

Section VIII-E: Playing Promo Characters

Section VIII-F: Playing Expansion #4: Dead Ends

Section VIII-G: Playing Expansion #5: Winter Schemes

Section IX: Picking Your Characters

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