Deathmatch Island – Crowdfunding now!

We’re very excited to announce that Evil Hat is publishing Deathmatch Island by Tim Denee!

What is DMI?

Deathmatch Island is a fast-paced game about a deadly gameshow on a mysterious island chain. The competitors don’t know how they got here. They have been selected and recruited, forced to risk their lives in a deadly series of games for the vague promise of a big reward for the sole survivor.

Hustle or Die

Deathmatch Island explores the idea of a cruel system that uses paranoia and competitiveness to turn competitors against one another, and whether those victims will ultimately destroy each other or build the solidarity needed to smash the system together.

Welcome, Competitor

Would you like to Play to Win or Break the Game? Here is your competitor application form:

Redacted Files

Are you looking for more information, perhaps actual play or [REDACTED]? There more about Deathmatch Island here