Ghost Planets

Ghost Planets


A galaxy full of graves…

In the 23rd century, we found signs of intelligent life in the galaxy—deserted planets full of alien structures. The World Council established the Xenohistory Corps to investigate these ghost planets and determine what happened to their inhabitants.

In the far reaches of the galaxy, your group of Corps explorers and scientists searches the abandoned relics of inhuman beings, looking for answers. You must survive hostile environments, decipher ancient clues, and confront the miraculous and terrifying products of alien technologies. If you fail, Earth may become the next ghost planet. 

Forbidden Planet meets Star Trek in this Fate World of Adventure by Don Bisdorf. Ghost Planets requires Fate Core to play. This 55-page supplement includes:

  • Space-specific rules for aspects and skills, including homeworld aspects, research roles, new skills, and skill packages
  • New rules to help make research an active and interesting part of your campaign
  • A team action mechanic to reflect the effects of the crew working together
  • Plenty of ideas for alien technologies, spaceships, and equipment for characters to use
  • A variety of deep space locations (and potential threats) to get you started
  • A starter adventure: The Doomsday Clock

Deciphering alien hieroglyphics, disarming ancient weapons, and saving humanity from extinction. Just another day on the job.

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