The Way of the Pukona

The Way of the Pukona


The land supports its people, and we protect the land.
Welcome to the Pukona.

Long before the Spanish Conquistadors invaded their country, and even before the northern Inka tried to subdue them, the Mapuche—the “People of the Land”—thrived. They have always lived in the Mapu, where the natural and preternatural coexist. The Mapuche people rely on the pukona, young warrior-women who are both wise in the ways of the world and strong enough to confront dangers beyond human understanding.

Fight against threats visible and invisible in The Way of the Pukona, a Fate World of Adventure from Helena Real.

The Way of the Pukona requires Fate Accelerated to play. This 49-page supplement includes:

  • An extensively researched, unique fantasy set in Neolithic South America
  • Suggestions and mechanics designed to create tribal characters in Fate
  • Categorized approaches that combine methods and motivations, with reciprocal relationships between matched approach pairs
  • Character advancement and endgame guidelines
  • A sample adventure: The Doom that Came to Kellüpülli

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