So the Story Goes

So the Story Goes


Years ago, the Storytellers kept the history of the Northlands, passing it along through story and song. They taught farmers to build, children to laugh, and leaders to rule. They reminded people of the failures of the past to ensure the successes of the future. Then the Tyrant came, and they spoke against her. She retaliated. Eventually, the people of the Northlands rose up to defeat her, but the Storytellers had already been eradicated.

Now that the world is rebuilt, a few brave souls have picked up lutes and pipes, becoming the next generation of Storytellers. You are one of them. Together, you’ll walk the old roads, recover the lost wisdom of your ancestors, and ensure that another Tyrant will never rise again in So the Story Goes, a Fate World of Adventure by Don Bisdorf.

So the Story Goes requires Fate Core to play. This 50-page supplement includes:

  • Aspects, skills, and stunts designed for playing storytellers, musicians, and artists in Fate
  • New systems to put the emphasis on social skills and performance, including the use of Petitions to influence people and Storycrafting to create new permanent aspects
  • Sample NPCs to easily populate your game
  • Detailed information on the Northlands and specific locations to fuel your plot and your characters’ stories
  • A starter scenario: The Fortress of Virtue

So the Story Goes. Walk the road and tell your tale.

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