The Crisp Line

The Crisp Line


In the not-too-distant future, changing your genes is like changing your name: tricky, but available for the right price.

Dozens of companies market gene-modding lines that allow the customer to take on characteristics drawn from animals or fantastical creatures. Popular packages have led to pockets of genetic divergence that some are hesitantly classifying as new “races.” Some regret their choices; others fight back against these “gene-pervs,” while others turn their eyes forward to what humanity might become.

Will you embrace this new technology or fight against it? Find out in The Crisp Line, a Fate World of Adventure by Colleen O’Rourke, where Shadowrun meets GATTACA.

The Crisp Line requires Fate Core to play. Inside this 52-page supplement, you’ll find:

  • A futuristic setting in which gene modding plays a central role
  • Rules for genetic enhancement of player characters in Fate
  • Popular genetic enhancement packages—use them or make your own
  • GM tips and resources to aid in game prep, including a random mission generator and an NPC generator
  • A sample adventure: City on the Brink

On the Crisp Line, DNA is not destiny.

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