Fate on Roll20, Part 3: Skills

Continuing with our block-by-block tour of our “Fate by Evil Hat” character sheet for Roll20, let’s take a look at blocks related to customizing skills. The Default Skill List Just like we described for aspects in Part 2, the global character sheet settings let the GM enter a custom skill list. For example, the Fate […]

Fate on Roll20, Part 2: Aspects

Aspect Types and Labels In Part 1, we looked at the global, game-wide settings on Evil Hat’s Fate character sheet for Roll20 (internally, we secretly call it the Fate omni sheet because it does so much more than characters!) Let’s take a closer look at the various blocks you can activate, starting appropriately: with aspects. […]

The DFCO Strategy Guide Updates

Today, we’ve updated the Picking Your Characters section of the DFCO strategy guide to include the Dead Ends and Winter Schemes expansion. You can check that out here! Did you miss the rest of the updates? Check out the guide to Expansion 4: Dead Ends here! Or the guide to Expansion 5: Winter Schemes here. […]

DFCO Expansions

1-5 13+ 30 min $9.99 ea Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game: Expansions Play Harry Dresden and his friends as they take on the cases from the bestselling Dresden Files novels, with these additional characters and books! Each expansion includes two characters and two book decks. Pick up your favorites or buy them all! Expansion 1 […]

So You Want To Be A Superhero…

A primer on creating a Venture City supers character for Fate Before You Start If your gaming group is going to start a new Venture City campaign, then we recommend you follow the guidelines in Fate Core. Sit down together and discuss the setting, decide on the scale of the story, figure out what issues […]